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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the Palacký University, and I hope that, in due course, I will welcome you when you join us in Olomouc.

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A University is not a physical thing, just made of buildings; lecture theatres, seminar rooms, laboratories and libraries.  A university is made of people – students and teachers, living and working together better to understand and to learn about the world we live in.  A medical faculty is an even wider community than the rest of the university.  It includes our partners in the health care system, our patients and their families.  And it is our privilege and our duty to learn best how to care for our patients, from before birth, through life, to the end.  We learn that we can cure sometimes, we can very often make better, and we can comfort – always.

We are a medical faculty committed to the highest standards in teaching and learning, in research, and in patient care.  We prepare our students in medicine and dentistry for a lifetime of clinical practice: you will not just learn, but learn how to learn, so that your future patients will always be grateful to you for your knowledge, skill and kindness.

Olomouc is a good place to study.  The university has a fine record of good education and excellent research.  The medical faculty is closely integrated into the clinical facilities of the university hospital.  The city is one of the most beautiful in central Europe – small enough to be easy to get around, to live, and to meet the many friends you will make, but also large enough for an energetic social, cultural and sporting life.  We are in the heart of Europe, easy to reach, and surrounded by beautiful countryside.

I very much hope that you will apply to join us.

Professor Milan Kolář

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About the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

"The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry has a long tradition of training successful professionals. Join the ranks of our graduates who work all over the world from the USA to Japan."

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About the school

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry has been running a study programme in General Medicine in the English language for the last 20 years, recently adding Dentistry as another programme taught in English. During these years, our graduates have successfully established themselves as well respected and sought after members of healthcare teams in numerous countries, from the USA and Canada, the UK, and Norway all the way to Malaysia and Japan. Results from USMLE tests show that our graduates have no trouble competing with the best students from the whole world, securing jobs even at the most prestigious clinics and universities, including the Mayo clinic and Harvard University.

Campus & the hospital

The medical school is located on the same campus as the University hospital, meaning that there is no need for any complicated commuting, all teaching happens in one place, with most clinics within a few minutes’ walk from the lecture halls. The hospital premises provide all the required facilities, a library, a cafeteria, and a staff canteen.

Participating students

Between 70 to 80 new students are enrolled for General Medicine programme each year, and between 15 to 20 students for Dentistry programme. The total number of students in the English programmes is currently nearly 400. This is in addition to approximately 1,500 Czech students in the Czech programme. In the 20 years of the English language General Medicine programme, we have been pleased to help students from over 15 different countries to become doctors.

Management, contact details

The Dean of the faculty is professor Milan Kolář, and the Vice-Dean responsible for the English language programmes is professor Jiří Ehrmann.

With any queries you may have, do not hesitate to contact the Study Department at jana.osmani@upol.cz or petra.nakladalova@upol.cz

Student association - PEPA

The English speaking students have their own student association that works in close cooperation with the school management on continuously improving the programme and they also provide us with an insight on students’ wishes and complaints.

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"A historical gem in the heart of Europe, offering a rich social, cultural and sporting life in a friendly and safe town. A true university town."

Olomouc sits in the gently rolling, fertile basin of the Morava River, in central Moravia, in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. Olomouc is at the foot of the Jeseniky Mountains, which offer skiing, hiking and camping within easy travel distance (in the winter, cross-country skiing is available after a mere 15-minute bus ride). The climate is mild, averaging 20°C (70° F) in the summer, although much to everyone´s pleasure here, temperatures can soar up to 30°C (86°F). In winter, average temperature is about 0°C (32°F), but do expect the season to bring you a few cold spells here and there, so a temperature of even -20°C (-4°F) should not come as a great surprise.

Many students may be unfamiliar with the Czech Republic, the life style and what it offers. They soon discover that Olomouc, the home of the Palacký University, provides amenities found in any other Western city of similar size. The 100,000 inhabitants of Olomouc live in the cultural, business, and religious centre of its region. Those longing for a taste of more “big-city” life, Prague, Brno, Vienna, and other European cities are just a 2 to 3 hour train ride away (the journey to Prague takes almost exactly 2 hours on the fast train and costs slightly over €10 one-way).

According to the well acclaimed tourist guide "Lonely Planet", Olomouc with its beautiful architecture and calm lifestyle is one of Europe´s hidden treasures. As beautiful as Prague, only nowhere near as busy. The narrow streets in the city centre, the little bars and cosy cafes with their home-baked delicious cakes will grab your heart and always have you coming back for more.  

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Students at the English Programme have fitness and training centres available to them. They also have the option of  becoming members of university teams and making use of other university facilities, especially those at the Faculty of Physical Culture. It should be noted that sport plays an important part in student life at Palacký University. The Faculty of Physical Culture boasts extensive opportunities for recreational and competitive sport.

The University owns a large sports hall, which is available for use by all students. Students may also use municipal sports facilities, e.g. a fifty-metre swimming pool and two ice skating rinks. An excellent ski resort is located less than one hour’s driving distance north of Olomouc. Olomouc also offers good opportunities for those who enjoy sport as a spectator. Local teams play in the first league in ice hockey, basketball, and football (soccer).

The Countryside

Olomouc is a compact historical town and cycling, running, hiking opportunities are right there for your enjoyment. Skiing (both cross-country and downhill) options are just a short bus or car ride away, cross-country skiing is often available after just fifteen minutes on a local bus. To the west, the countryside is a fertile stretch of flat land, but to the east, the mountains start rising as soon as you leave Olomouc, so everyone can enjoy their preferred terrain. 

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Public transport throughout the Czech Republic is very highly developed and quite inexpensive. It is easy to use, to take in the incredible wealth of history, architecture, and beautiful landscapes of the Czech nation. Public transport (trams, buses, and trains) in Olomouc is more than sufficient to meet students’ needs; it is fast and reliable and runs 24-hours a day.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Olomouc is much lower than in other Western cities. Prices for individual goods and services vary, but on the whole the cost of living is about one third of what would have to be spent in a similarly sized city in the United States. It is recommended that students budget approximately 3,500 USD for living expenses for the academic year (ten months). This estimate does not include the price of books and other educational materials.

To get some idea, prices of common items are typically:

A pizza 5 EUR
A large beer 1 EUR
A lunch in a restaurant including drinks 4-6 EUR
A taxi from the station to the dormitories – about 6 EUR
A cinema ticket 7 EUR

Mac Goldstein

"There is at Palacky a low student to teacher ratio especially in the clinical rotations. Olomouc is a charming City with a quiet atmosphere that is very conducive to study."

Rosana Silva, Porto, Portugal

Rosana Silva, Porto, Portugal

"Palacký University is an institution that brings together cultures from all around the world. The small size of the classes allowed the use of better learning methods, which also implied a better atmosphere. PU is a perfect place to gain knowledge."

Tabinda Jahan, London, UK

Tabinda Jahan, London, UK

"Palacký has offered me so much more than a medical degree. I will be going away older, wiser and full of memories from this place. A brilliant university that has been a major influence on my life. Highly recommended to all."